leather sofa

A Guide to Buying the Perfect Loveseat

Buying any home furniture always requires a lot of thought and when it comes to a leather sofa or couch, a loveseat is one of the most popular and something you, or more accurately your bottom, will cherish after a long day at work.


With so many choices out there from the size of the couch to the shape, the material it’s made from, how firm you want to it be and the colour and can be a real challenge trying to find the perfect loveseat for you.


What is a loveseat?

Traditionally, a loveseat was designed for on person to be sitting on either side facing in opposite directions. It was developed in the 1700s and came about as a result of the wide dresses that were fashionable at the time and women would wear on a regular basis.


These types of seats are now common in gardens and public areas providing adequate separation between strangers whilst also allowing for couples to be close enough to each other but also having their own space.


However, these are not the type of loveseat that you would typically have in your own home. The definition, or perhaps interpretation, of a loveseat has changed and the type I am referring to is now a two-seater couch or bench of sorts that is suitable for a living room or outside sitting area.


These are perfect for the modern living room taking up minimal space whilst providing the comfort you need. They also allow for creative configuration and two can be used to create a cosy living space.


Things to consider

When choosing a loveseat for your home or office there are a few different things that need to be considered. It is important that time, effort and adequate research goes into choosing a couch as it is a long term investment and you want it to both look good and feel good.


The style that you want is the first thing that needs to be determined. It need to suit the space that it is going into a whether you want something contemporary, antique-looking or potentially even a little alternative will narrow down the selections available.


The next step is to determine the shape of the loveseat and for a two-seater couch this may seem strange but this is an important decision. Whether you want a round or squarer couch is a decision that needs to suit the surroundings of the space it is going into.


Square is often a safe choice as it works in all settings making it versatile for if you move house or change the style of your home. Round can also be a good option for those in a more open living space as it fills the room and adds a bit of style.


The last step is to choose both the material that you want to loveseat to be made from and the colour. These two need to be decided together as not all materials come in all colours and vice versa. Leather is a great option in all homes as it is comfortable and durable. It works well in all seasons making it the perfect couch for any climate. The only disadvantage of leather is that there is often a far more limited colour selection.


Choosing a soft fabric can be the go as these often allow for not only a choice of colours but also texture on the couch adding to the style of your space. They only downside of a fabric is that it is not as durable through spills of food and drink so you need to be more careful.