Benefits of Sourcing an Independent Digital Marketing Specialist

Benefits of Sourcing an Independent Digital Marketing Specialist

There are two profile types that are often presented through a digital marketing specialist for companies looking to source expertise.


On one hand, they are offered a professional who acts as a representative for an SEO Sydney agency.


They will have a portfolio of previous work, a listing of clients and resources from an institution that has a department of colleagues and employees under their banner.


On the other hand lies the freelance specialist, an individual who operates off their own esteem to promote their own agenda completely independent from other providers.


There will be doubts and concerns raised by managers who see these professionals as less reputable than their compatriots.


This is a common conception amongst many commercial practitioners who subconsciously have a stronger opinion of company-based developers and analysts.


However, placing that prestige aside, there is genuine currency to opting for a freelancer who is skilled in the department of digital marketing.


Here we will argue why that is the case.

Flexible Fee Structure


Very seldom will a digital marketing specialist from a firm be provided to a company through a flexible fee structure. Almost in every instance, the transaction will be agreed upon on a pre-established plan where there is little room to maneuver. This is a stumbling block for companies that might want a trial period or to utilise only a percentage of the services on offer. Via a freelance digital marketing operator, organisations can set their own structures and expectations to pay for their internal outcomes.

Less Red Tape


One of the main examples why a freelance digital marketing specialist is so appealing is the elimination of needless red tape that has to be administered through third party enterprises. Whilst they can act as safeguards in certain instances, they can slow down the process of actually beginning a campaign in earnest. Having discussed and agreed terms with a freelancer, there will be no delays or backlogs, seeing other clients take the limelight. This facet can also help improve the communication by having a client-to-specialist pathway that is uninterrupted by other voices.

Check Specific References and Qualities


By opting for an individual digital marketing specialist who stands alone as a freelancer, there can be no ambiguity as to their credentials in this field. Whereas a major organisation who outsources their services can pool together case studies and relationships under the banner of the brand at large, these professionals live and die by their name alone. That leaves the process of cross checking their references a more direct task.

Potential To Hire Internally


Should your company look to bring aboard a professional who has established themselves in the market, then a freelance digital marketing specialist can be considered as something of a free agent. Perhaps they prefer this method of operating off their own accord, but there is greater capacity to entice workers from this profile to join a reputable organisation. From the financial security of entering into a long-term contract to the health and leave benefits that are offered, you can test their expertise before laying out an offer to bring them in internally.



There is no right or wrong answer to deliberating between a freelance digital marketing specialist or one that operates within an organisation. Each expert has to be judged on their own individual merits, because the personal dynamic and their capacity to utilise a strategy that ties into your business and your target demographic will be a unique challenge. What should be evident is that the negative preconception surrounding freelance digital marketers is not warranted, seeing a multitude of enterprises make the best of these versatile practitioners.