Everything you need to know about commercial solar battery storage

Everything you need to know about commercial solar battery storage

There is every reason to begin investing in commercial solar battery storage as their price continues to fall and their performance continues to rise. Not only this, but commercial solar battery storage will help you to lower your energy bills and have a positive impact on the environment. This will all reflect well on your business and allow you to invest more money into other, more important areas of the business.

What are these batteries?

These batteries may be a little more complex in the software that manages them and their size, but ultimately these batteries used in commercial solar battery storage are much the same as in your mobile phone or car.

These batteries use lithium-ion chemistry to store and transfer the power to be used in the circuits. This is much the same as a car or phone battery only much larger. They are usually about the size of a refrigerator but can get larger depending on the amount of energy you need. They are charged by the power from the sun and then are able to store it until it is needed by the business.

What are the financial benefits of commercial solar battery storage?

As energy use becomes more of a talking point, businesses are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Companies are charged excess rates every time they go over a certain power usage. This can become extremely costly and potentially even reduce the amount of energy that a business uses within a set period. You want your company to be running at its highest possible capacity and this may mean extra power use.

This is where commercial solar battery storage and renewable energy in general becomes so beneficial. Whilst the systems are great at providing you with extra power, it is the commercial solar battery storage that provides the greatest benefit in helping to shave off the power used from the grid during peak energy periods.

How does commercial solar battery storage work?

In a typical day, a business will see a gradual uplift in energy usage as the day goes on, reaching its peak in the early afternoon before coming back down again to where it started by the late evening.

When a business invests in the power of the sun, much of the higher energy use period, typically between 8am and 5pm, is able to be substituted. This is because these are the hours that the sun is doing its work – when there is visible sunlight. But when the sun goes down there grid electricity must be used again despite many people in the office still utilising significant amounts of power.

This is where the benefits of commercial solar battery storage come in. during the earliest parts of the day when there is sunlight but the power usage is minimal, the commercial solar battery storage is able to charge. Then later in the day, when there is limited sunlight but still people in the office, the batteries can discharge and use the power saved earlier in the day. This helps to save companies money as they do not exceed the power threshold and are ultimately using less total power for the day.

Is it right for my business?

This requires some in depth research and many solar companies are able to help with the analysis of your business activities and power needs and determine this. Commercial solar battery storage is likely to be beneficial for most companies but it is the method and size that is the real question.

These days, with the popularity of renewable energy, you can lease the power from large companies instead of buying it. This is cost effective but does not necessarily provide you with all of the benefits of running your own system. It is getting cheaper however, and in the next few years having your own system with commercial solar battery storage may be well ahead of leasing or sticking to grid electricity.