FAQs: Abortion in Sydney

Termination of pregnancy is a topic that causes, and will continue to cause, debate. In Australia, there are varying laws from state to state. Most states have decriminalized abortions; however this is not the case in NSW. Finding an abortion clinic in Sydney is easy though and the staff there will be able to take you through all of your rights and responsibilities as well as giving you the advice that is needed.

When walking into an abortion clinic like Clinic 66, there are several questions that are running through people’s heads. Questions they would like answered in the best way possible as this is a matter of life and death. Below are some questions that are common as well as their answers.

Is it legal to have an abortion?

This is the most common question asked in an abortion clinic in Sydney. The answer is that for a legal termination to take place, a few criteria need to be met. Some include counselling for the patient, signed consent forms as well as being dealt with by registered professionals. There are two types of termination available, medical and surgical. Before 9 weeks, medical can be used but after this period, surgical is preferred as it has a higher rate of success. It is important to remember that this is not an “on demand” service and the necessary protocols must be followed for a termination to take place in an abortion clinic in Sydney

How much does it cost?

The cost of this procedure can vary depending on the length of gestation, drugs and equipment used as well as whether it has been undertaken on a weekday or weekend. The patient is expected to pay up front and after that they can claim the money back through the Medicare rebate scheme. The staff at any abortion clinic in Sydney will be up front about what costs any patient will face, however this will depend on a case-by-case basis, so it is tough to estimate

When can a patient work or play sport again?

woman running

This answer depends on the type of procedure a patient has. If they choose to have a surgical termination, they are free to return to work or sport 24 hours later, after the effects of the anesthetic have completely disappeared. If they have a medical termination in an abortion clinic in Sydney, they will have to wait a bit longer. A minimum of 3 days should be taken off work. Having ingested the prescribed tablets, pain can be quite intense, so support should be on hand at all times. Work and sport can be resumed once the patient feels well enough to do so.

Will it affect the patient’s ability to have children in the future?

An abortion clinic in Sydney will do their best to educate you and carry out any procedure in the safest way possible. However, as with any medical procedure, there are risks. The chance of complication is very small from a surgery of this size and if a patient is terminating a pregnancy it can be inferred that they have no problem falling pregnant. Because of this, it can be said the procedure should not affect the patient’s ability to have children.

Going into an abortion clinic in Sydney must be a nerve-wracking experience for anyone who is thinking of going through with a termination to a pregnancy. There are hundreds of thoughts going through their mind and to have the help of trained staff that are experience in the whole procedure can be very reassuring. If you or anyone you know needs help, there are plenty of clinics that can help.