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How to Build Our Own Letterbox With Timber?

There are many hardware store companies like Kennards Hire who give clear ideas about home development. Among the many projects and ideas for such activities the building of our own letterbox with timber has becomes one of the easiest as well as attractive one. It is one of the mandatory things in the house that the letterbox is kept clean and dry so that the mails are received in the proper way without any damage. Many postmen have the opinion that the damaged or non conditioned letter box is the major headache of them; here are some tips and step given for the making of letterbox with timber. 

The major issues with the letterboxes seen commonly are either it is not there, or it is falling apart or it is of large size. But how many of us are aware of the fact that a letterbox cab bee built with simple steps and less effort. It can also be aesthetically pleasing and practical so that the home occupiers should not worry about the accessing of letterbox anymore. All the required steps for the building of a letterbox are given here in detail.

First of all, let us look at the tools needed to make the box. It includes:

tool box
  1. Fine handsaw
  2. Electric frill
  3. Jigsaw
  4. Circular saw
  5. Augers or drill bits- wood
  6. Claw hammer
  7. Nail punch
  8. Spirit level
  9. G clamp
  10. Pencil
  11. Carpenters square
  12. Measuring tape
  13. Marking gauge
  14. Waterproof glue and spade

These are the necessary tools for the making of a letterbox with timber all which are viable in the hardware store companies. The next step is to get to know about the materials needed. The length and breadth or the size of the box is up to the user so that the materials can also be collected according to that. It varies from person to person so that the purchase should also be done on that way. However plywood is the commonly used type of timber for such purposes.

Why plywood has been selected is because of the high straight and Wight it can so that it is not easily deteriorated. It is comparatively better than the pine timber since it retains its shape at all the climatic conditions. But it is necessary to paint or stain the plywood so that only the aesthetic beauty can be achieved. The pieces of timber needed for the assembling of  a letterbox includes roof, sides, floor, front and rear ends, shelf, door, supports, side blocks, post etc. this can also change on the basis of the way each of us make the letterbox. The design of the letterbox can be varying which can also bring changes in the materials needed.

The letterbox has become one of the major home development ideas since it is useful in many ways. But to get the right letterbox is also something difficult only before knowing that the Tiber letterbox can be easily made.