The best tools for a handyman to use

A handyman describes an able person who is employed to do occasional domestic repairs or minor renovations. They can also be known as odd-jobbers, men of all work, jack of all trades and an odd-jobber. Common ground is that they all describe a professional that is hired to complete some sort of task in the place of home or business. There are many handyman companies in Australia who offer their expertise to complete jobs such as painting, yard-work, small renovations, laying down decking and much much more. As many different jobs are required to be completed, a variety of tools are required. It is important for a professional to carry certain tools at all times, and this article will explore what the best tools are for a handyman to use.

Safety Goggles

One of the most important things when it comes to working on a job site is safety. A simple way for an odd-jobber to protect their eyes is to wear safety glasses. Clear glasses are easy to fit in a toolbox or pouch and can prevent dust, metal shavings, wood shavings, dirt and more from getting into someone’s eye. Safety goggles should be worn by everyone on a job-site, especially when power tools are running. They can be worn for almost every type of job, except in the case when more eye protection is needed, such as in the case of welding where a full-face mask is needed.

Tool Pouch

One of the most convenient things a professional can carry to job sites is a tool pouch or belt. It is important to have all the necessary items on hand at all times. Pouches or belts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, and can easily be strapped to the body, making it a great alternative to a tool bag. Many can carry a wide variety of items such as tapes, Stanley knives, pencils, hammers, small lights, books for measurements as well as nails and screws.

Measuring Tape

Another small, simple but powerful item needed is a measuring tape. Having the exact measurements for a job is vital to avoiding any big mishaps. Most tapes can easily fit in a pouch, belt, bag or pocket, however, there are larger options that can cater to bigger areas. Using a measuring tape is one of the easiest utensils to use as they are durable, do not need any power, are retractable and are affordable.   

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a perfect item to have on a job-site due to its convenience. This cordless item can be taken outside, up a ladder and into any room of the house. Many include a built-in work-light and even offer extended battery life. Of course, it is still wise to bring spare batteries to a job. While it can be advantageous to also bring a screwdriver set to a work-site, having a cordless drill is a handy way to tackle quick jobs such as hanging a picture on a wall or adding a screw that has fallen out.

Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is one of the more handiest tools when it comes to small demolitions. It can be used to tackle windows, walls, doors and even plumbing. Saws can be bought cordless however it is extremely inconvenient to have one run out of power, so many opt for the corded version. It is important to wear the correct safety gear when using a saw, and ensuring that there is no water near the cords or power points.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Companies that go above and beyond ensure that a home or place of business is left looking spic and span. A great way to achieve this is by bringing a wet/dry vacuum to a work-site. It is a hand-held device that can be used on wet and dry surfaces. This is perfect when cleaning up dust, dirt or other properties when completed a job. It is advantageous as it is simple to use and small and easy to store.

While of course there are much more tools that could have made the list, these items discussed will have a handyman offering the best services possible. To recap, safety goggles are a simple way to protect the eyes on site and a tool pouch can conveniently house basic items that are needed on a job. A measuring tape is a small item that can ensure jobs are completed correctly and a cordless drill helps with those quick and easy tasks. A reciprocating saw is the perfect way to tackle small demolitions and a wet/dry vacuum will ensure that a site is left clean and clear. Whatever tools are decided to be used, it is important to stay ahead of the game by staying organised and having the correct utensils for the job. This way a customer is left feeling happy and satisfied.