Eastwood Chinese restaurant

Dishes to try at Eastwood Chinese restaurants

A hub for great food and Asian culture, Eastwood Chinese restaurants offers some of the best food around. With so many dining locations, there’s a huge variety of food to choose from.

The amount of competition in the suburb with amazing Asian-influenced cuisine creates a high standard for its local food. With the diversity of modern Australia, you can try authentic and cultural dishes in a locality which is close to you.

You might not be sure what to try when you make your venture into an Eastwood Chinese restaurant, but don’t worry! We’ve listed some amazing dishes for you to try when you’re at your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant.

Noodle soup

A must-try classic for any food lover, noodle soup is a staple in many Asian cuisines and you can sample some delicious examples at your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant.

With so many options to choose from regarding the type of noodle, broth, and filling, you can customize your dish to suit your taste! You can choose from seafood, beef, chicken, pork or vegetarian options so this dish offers many options, while still providing the reliable experience of a noodle soup.

If you can take the heat, spicy curry soups like laksa are sure to make your mouth water! With the unique combination of curried broth and spices, a laksa noodle soup is a must-try for lovers of spice.


Another classic in Asian cuisine, stir-fried noodles are renowned for their smoky flavour and amazing taste. With the same versatility in fillings, noodle type – from egg to vermicelli – and sauce, there are so many options for you to choose the perfect stir-fry for you.

Your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant will have an amazing selection of stir-fry dishes available for you to test. Just decide what you’re in the mood for and it’ll be delivered to your table for you to test!


These amazing dumplings are made fresh at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant. With the authenticity of traditional Asian cuisine, wontons can be served separately or come with your choice of noodles.

Their unique taste is raved about – for a good reason! These dumplings are great to satisfy your hunger – although you’ll probably be left wanting more.

Share dishes

Want to try a bit of everything? No problem! Experience a traditional style of eating at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant and order some dishes for your group to share.

Accompanied with a bowl of rice, this allows you to test multiple favourites at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant – whether it’s seafood, chicken, pork, vegetables or tofu.

Bring your group along to your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant to test out what the cuisine has to offer you!


Take the opportunity when you’re at your local Eastwood Chinese restaurant to sample some delicious Asian drinks!

With elements of Asian cuisine like lychee, sago, and red bean, these drinks will be a great accompaniment to your delicious food.

Make your experience all the more authentic by trying some of the great drinks on offer at your Eastwood Chinese restaurant! You can expand your palate and taste something new.

With so many types of food available for you to taste, there’s an Asian dish you’ll love waiting out there for you. From noodles to drinks, there are so many varieties from you to choose from!

There’s an opportunity to experience authentic Asian food in your locality by trying out the amazing dining locations in Sydney. With the amount of diversity in demographic in Australia today, we’re able to test some amazing food that originates from places far away in our neighbourhood!