How can you make the perfect valentines?

Valentine’s Day is a special day in most countries to express the affection we have for our significant other, or express our interest in those we care about. In our contemporary society, the most common way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to shower our significant other in affection by indulging in many different kinds of gifts and luxuries. Although many people believe Valentine’s Day to be expensive, more often than not you can express your love and have a powerful impact through other means such as a simple Valentine’s Day balloon.


Bake a romantic cake with decorations

By using the many different kinds of styles and types of cakes available, you can easily express the feelings and romance you share. From a heart-shaped chocolate raspberry cake, a traditional red velvet cake, chocolate truffle, mini eclairs or cupcakes, the cakes you can bake for Valentine’s Day are limitless. For the best effect, enhance the cake using a number of decorations such as edible letters, glitter and love hearts, icing, sprinkles or sugar flowers. When it comes to cakes, you can style it any way possible and create the most personalised cake possible, making it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.


Make your own gift

There’s no better way to show the affection you have for your loved one than by giving a personalised gift that showcases the amount of effort you’ve put in. Whether it’s a decorated letter with detailed handwritings and decorations, or perhaps a photo album with annotations of the times you’ve shared together. It doesn’t have to be perfect or superb, it just has to be something you’ve made yourself because it means so much more than a gift that’s simply purchased.


The best way to deliver a personalised gift like this to your significant other is with another small token, like an individual rose or a large or small foiled balloon. A Valentine’s Day balloon is relatively affordable and adds an extra touch and feel to your Valentine’s present.


Minimise what you can

You can still buy and include the most staple Valentine’s gifts despite how expensive they are. Take for example the stereotypical yet truly romantic rose. During Valentine’s Day, roses will cost an absolute fortune, however if you just buy one rose instead of the standard dozen, you can still have the same romantic impact by using it wisely. By decorating your rose and using it to impress your significant other with a dance, you can still use the very essence of Valentine’s Day whilst spending very little.


Plan a special night together

A final and dazzling way to end Valentine’s Day is to share a special night together. By planning a romantic dinner together where you go the extra mile by changing the recipe up, whether it’s adding a few more spontaneous ingredients or perhaps spelling a special message out with the food you make. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does have to be something you genuinely put effort in. Following a dinner with a night of stargazing together and sharing memories, or simply watching a movie at home is the perfect way to end the day.

So whether you decide to bake a decorative cake, have a rose and Valentine’s Day balloon, or plan a special day together, the most important aspect of any Valentine’s Day gift is to make sure you put the effort in.