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Keeping Your Leather Sofa Clean

If you’ve splashed out on a leather sofa, you know that it wasn’t an easy decision. Looking into the advantages and disadvantages you would have seen plenty on the internet that would make you think it was the way to go, and plenty more indicating a fabric couch was the better option.

There are numerous reasons to buy a leather sofa from Sovereign Interiors. First and foremost, how they look. They can add a certain elegance to your living room. Giving it that touch of class it needed as the finishing touch. If you have guests come to visit, a leather sofa is inviting and lets them know you want your living room to look its best. They may be expensive, but a leather sofa has great durability. They will be a great investment and last for years, at the same level of quality. What’s more, with years and years of use, you’ll be able to create your own groove in the couch. Much like shoes, they shape to how they are used, so they become even more comfortable as the years go by.

Accidents will happen, but with a simple wipe of a clean cloth you’ll also be able to clean the surface, there’ll be no need to bring the fabric to a dry cleaner. It won’t hold on to allergens from pets to make you sick either, so it will lead to a cleaner house overall.

There are some disadvantages to buying a leather sofa though. They can look out of place in a living room due to their size and elegance. While they can also cause your clothes to fade. While a common complaint is heard about the heat that comes off them in the summer and how cold they are in the winter. This can be easily remedied by placing a cover on your couch though.

Now that you have bought your couch, what are some things to keep in mind to maintain its perfection?


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Although there isn’t the same danger of stains forming with a leather sofa compared to a fabric couch, you still need to be reactive when something does spill on your brand-new couch. As soon as something spills, it’s best to act as quick as possible to reduce the danger of stains forming. Using a clean cloth, you should wipe the surface clean. If this doesn’t work, a water-based cleaner can be used to have your sofa looking as good as new. There are professionals who will be more than happy to help too if you fail in your task.


Keep covered

Some owners of a leather sofa are extremely proud. A spec of dirt or dust will have them in meltdown, desperately searching for a cloth to clean it off. To prevent a continued re-occurrence of this, it’s recommended you keep your couch covered with a light sheet. Not only will this prevent dirt from collecting on the surface, it will protect it from sunlight damage which can cause the surface to crack over time.



The final tip to make your leather sofa look better for longer is to use some products to condition the material. There are several conditioning products on the market that can remove dirt and dust. While others that ensure the couch looks fresh for longer. Using any of these products, will have guests continually asking if your couch was bought last week when it was years ago.

Buying a couch will set you back a lot of money, of that there is no doubt. However, practicing the tips in this piece will have it lasting longer than you could have imagined.