The benefits of outsourcing your product kitting

The benefits of outsourcing your product kitting

Product kitting services refers to the process of assembling individual items into packages that are ready for shipment. Many different types of businesses will outsource their product kitting to a reputable 3PL company for several different reasons.

If your business is operating all of its product kitting and assembly in-house, you may stand to benefit from outsourcing this work instead. Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of outsourcing your item assembly to a 3PL company.

Curb shipping errors

Product kitting providers can often be very helpful when trying to cut down on the amount of shipping errors occurring in your logistics makeup. Many businesses find that outsourcing their product kitting is useful when fulfilling multiple identical orders as part of a special promotion.

3PL assembly providers make sure that your items are all ready to be shipped in their pre-assembled form in order to cut down the chances of an error in order fulfilment so that shipping times are reduced. This helps you save money in storage costs as well as lead to better customer satisfaction.

Faster assembly

In the world of internet shopping and eCommerce website like eBay, making sure that delivery is both reliable and fast is absolutely paramount. With modern consumers expecting fast delivery of their goods, they are very unforgiving of a business that has a poor assembly line and lags in order fulfilment.

By outsourcing your product kitting you can streamline your supply chain and rely on a much quicker assembly of your items, which means they can be shipped faster. Preparing orders in bulk at outsourcing product kitting you can make the entire process of order fulfilment much more efficient.

Reducing overhead costs

There are several overhead costs that come with order fulfilment and assembly services that are performed in-house such as paying for warehouse facilities, management systems, personnel and their equipment. These costs add up in the long run and can be a significant logistical drain on your capital.

It can actually be much cheaper for you to outsource your product kitting to a 3PL provider who can do the work more efficiently than your own workers. This is because the 3PL company is dedicated to this type of middle-man worked and already has a streamlined system in place, making their work as cheap as possible.

Keep up with changing demands

Product kitting can become an overwhelming business function during busy periods, especially in the holidays where some retail businesses generate most of their revenue. The high frequency of orders during these periods means there way more room for mistakes to happen, and it’s the worst time for them to occur.

Outsourced product kitting by a 3PL company means getting access to an infrastructure that is designed to handle large volumes or orders during these seasonal demand changes.

Improve packaging

When you solicit a 3PL company for assembly services and choose to pre-package your items you can save money on postage and packaging costs. Rather than using standard crates for your goods you can instead buy custom made ones.

While the custom boxes may sound very expensive, they can actually be of good value when bought in bulk. Customers will really love the custom packaging and will remember your business more favourably for it.

Will you outsource you item assembly services?

There are clearly some great benefits to outsourcing your product kitting to a 3PL company. The primary benefits are that it save your money on managing the logistics yourself and allows you to more acutely respond to changes in the demand for your goods.