PR companies in Sydney

What is the Perfect Pitch Process?

PR companies in Sydney have some incredible guidelines for drafting the perfect pitch, and we’ve thrown a few together to help you on your way to pitching success!


  1. Do your research


The first thing all PR companies in Sydney do in the lead up to a pitch is to find out some essential information…


  1. Audience – know your client ahead of pitch time. Knowing their exact position and most importantly, their viewpoint and motive regarding the subject. This will arm you to speak specifically to this.


  1. Timing – did you know this is has a powerful effect on delivery? Finding out the date

may allow for topical news and events to be included, to make your argument more relevant.


Time of the week is equally important. PR companies in Sydney tend to have a consistent workweek rhythm, and try to avoid Mondays as these carry more stress, along with Fridays are they are riddled with fatigue and boredom. You want to deliver when all are at their best.


  1. Space – PR companies in Sydney also research how the presentation space can be used effectively to encourage the audience to listen in a certain way. Notice the architecture of courtrooms and lecture halls as an example of how space can affect how we perceive those speaking to us.


The better you know these, the more specifically your presentation can be tweaked.


  1. Know your rhetoric


It’s all about presenting in the most convincing way possible. It’s crucial for PR companies in Sydney to ground their point in and verifiable stats and facts. This will not only add objective truth to your pitch but will improve the credibility of your agency, in the eyes of the client.


The above is the appeal to logos (logic) and ethos (credibility). PR companies in Sydney also use techniques like style of language and storytelling to influence the emotions (pathos) in those to whom they are speaking


Check out Aristotle’s persuasion model for more rhetorical pointers that will benefit your pitch – and equip you for life! After all, every communication has a purpose. And beware of the logical fallacies all PR companies of Sydney are warned to steer clear of.


  1. Who’s in the room?


In many cases it won’t just be the primary speaker and client in the room. There’s plenty of time for mere office meetings. In almost all successful cases, a pitch by PR companies in Sydney is a team effort.


Everyone in the room must talk. To keep up the ‘logos’ and credibility, all claims made must be justified. It’s essential to have people who actually work in the business to stand up to verify relationships to PR companies in Sydney, and demonstrate exactly what they’ve done regarding the subject.


  1. Dress rehearsals


Practice is key! Generally two timed run throughs will arm PR companies in Sydney with the right amount of auto-pilot and confidence, but the more the merrier. Don’t worry if the first is a disaster. This is almost always the case.


Revise the content and know it well, so you can shift your focus to on the flow of delivery when it’s time. Nothing like a good segue! They must be smooth and clearly relevant, including in the changeover from speakers from the business and from the PR companies of Sydney.


Finally, don’t forget to consider all questions that could be asked by the client and prepare killer responses! Think about who would volunteer to answer what. PR companies in Sydney also think about what to ask the client to demonstrate an interest in understanding.